3D Printing


During the R&D on the device housing, 3D printing technology enable affordable, rapid development for prototyping multiple case designs within a day. However, owning / using a 3d printer requires a deep learning curve and a large upfront investment.

For the device housing development, I was partnered with my life long friend, Cheuk, to develop a both functional and aesthetic case. He is an Electrical Engineer graduated from UC Davis, who is fascinated by the versatility of 3D printing in prototyping and small batch production.

Cheuk is currently studying in De Anza College for CAD and machinist certification focusing on addictive manufacturing.

Windows Sach Stop Replacement

Exhaust adapter

uv curing station

Rays wheel cap replica


If you are interested in bringing your design to life, or you need to print a part that is hard to find in the market. Please contact my friend, Cheuk, for further information.